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Join AAA

AAA members receive a 10% discount on AAA auto/home policies.

Along with the 10% discount off your insurance policies, AAA Basic also includes:
  • Free towing, hookup of vehicle up to 3 miles

  • ERS Calls, 4 calls per year, per member

  • Battery jump start service

  • Vehicle locksmith, up to $50 service
  • Tire service, installation of inflated spare tire

  • Fuel delivery, member reimburses for fuel

  • Mechanical first aid, minor or temporary adjustments

  • Extrication, one driver/tow truck
The cost is $78/year for the first member and $47/year for each additional family member.

Promotional Code
By entering in 990155 on step 3 below, you get a $10 discount off your first year ($68).  Also if you add a 2nd member they are free for the 1st year.


To become a member follow the instructions below:
Click on the link,

  1. On the 1st page, enter in your zip code nothing else.

  2. On the 2nd page, choose which level you prefer(all qualify for the 10% discount)

  3. On the 3rd page, enter the primary member info and email address along with the Promotional Code 990155.
    This will ensure you get the best promotional pricing available.

  4. On the 4th page, if you would like to add another family member check yes, if not check no.

  5. If yes, on the 5th page enter in associate member info(if necessary)

  6. On the 6th page, skip the AAA Medical Accident Expense Plan(unless you want it)

  7. On the 7th page, select if you want your card automatically charged next year.

  8. On the 8th page, skip the branded logo(unless you want it)

  9. On the 9th page, enter in payment information

Once you get your confirmation email notify us by phone 405-8005 or email of your membership # so we make sure the discount does not get removed from your AAA insurance policies.

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