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What our clients have to say...

Is being covered properly for a claim situation important to you?

“I have always been impressed with their proactive approach.  They are very quick to respond and very good at getting a question answered immediately.  I recently had to file a home claim; they could not have been more helpful.  They also happened to get me the cheapest rates, but they area perfect example of why price should only be ONE of the considerations in choosing insurance.”  Jordan R. 27 Indianapolis

“You know your agent cares about how well you’ll recover from a loss when they arrange for a discount for a home inventory.” Cindy H. 60 Avon

“From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank You!!! You guys went way above and beyond what you needed to do for us, with your phone calls and persistence.  Kudos, great job, outstanding.” Jamie S. 47 Indianapolis

“Everything went perfect.  Very fast too!  Thank you very much for your assistance here.  It took me one week from the break in to receive the check.  Pretty quick!”  Jeremy L. 29 Indianapolis

“Attached is a copy of the towing bill.  Thank you so much for your prompt help.  I was able to get my car yesterday!” Evelyn L. 41 Indianapolis

“If you’re shopping new car insurance go to Wenclewicz Insurance.  Got in a fender bender and they have been just amazing.” Breena F. 26 Indianapolis

“Your company does a wonderful job on its claims!”  Monica E. 55 Indianapolis

“I have been angry all day because of this rock that cracked my windshield driving into work, but I got a call from Wenclewicz Insurance and I am now getting it fixed free of charge at 4pm. This is not the first time that they have come through for me, I couldn’t ask for a better agent and staff to help me”  Nick S. 30 Indianapolis

“Thanks for the help with my insurance claim.  You made it extremely easy for me!”  Sam W. 29 Avon

“I had two accidents in the span of about 10 minutes (very bad day) and Wenclewicz made the entire process much easier on me and took care of everything.  They have been very reliable and always get back to me on any questions I have very quickly.” Molly B. 29  Indianapolis

Do you want an agent who will proactively communicate with you after your policy is started?

“Thanks! You’ve provided a great service.  I appreciate your good customer service and news updates.  This is the first time I’ve ever heard from my agent after they take out the policy.”  Muriel W. 61 Indianapolis

“Thanks for keeping in touch; you really are great at what you do.  I have nothing but great things to say about all the help you have given me!” Taylor D. 28 Indianapolis

“They are the definition of professionalism.  My experience working with Wenclewicz has instilled in me only the highest level of satisfaction and confidence in their work.”  Ken G. 29 Noblesville

“I love the personal attention your office offers…for the first time I actually feel like I have an insurance agent!”
Rachael R. 32 Indianapolis

“They have been a tremendous asset to me and my company, extremely knowledgeable in any line of insurance be it commercial or personal.  Just a phone call away.”  Matt B. 29 Indianapolis

“We appreciate your frequent email communications!” Alexa S. 30 Indianapolis

“Thanks for the helpful info.  You are taking care of us before we need you!  That’s awesome.”  Linda B 51 Indianapolis

“Thanks for everything- it’s been wonderful (and refreshingly easy) to work with you.”  Matt M 28 Indianapolis

Will having a local agent who is accountable give you peace of mind?

“My interaction to this point has been great. For the first time, I feel I have an insurance agent who is working for me and not for the insurance company. They found me a good rate and listened to my concerns. They were responsive to my inquiries. I am happy with my decision.”  Jack K. 31 Noblesville

“Thank you for helping me to better understand the complexities of homeowners insurance.”  Kathleen S. 64 Indianapolis

“They are very professional and knowledgeable in the world of insurance, and they are also very fun to work with. I outlined what I needed to them over lunch, and before that afternoon was over, they had sent me competitive quotes and recommendations. I would recommend them to anyone.”  Kevin D. 25 Indianapolis

“Wenclewicz has been managing my car and homeowner’s insurance for the past 3 years.  They respond quickly to questions and most importantly keep an eye on the rates in order to provide me the best value.”  Debbie C. 53 Indianapolis

“My last carrier I always had to talk to about 15 people before I got to the right person, you are always available or if not I know you will call back very soon.”  Scott E.  29 Indianapolis

“I was tired of unreliable phone and internet insurance services and was moving to a new house. Wenclewicz Insurance made switching my home and auto coverage easy and - because they can price check with several insurers - there ended up being no increase in cost. I like having an insurance professional I know and can trust to call with any questions”  Mike M. 57 Zionsville

“Wenclewicz has been my personal agent for 3 years now and they, by far, offer the best client service and care of any person or business I have dealt with in the service industry.  They make clients a top priority no matter how small or large the issue.” Liz T. 29 Indianapolis

“Wenclewicz Insurance did a wonderful job of guiding my wife and I through the daunting task of purchasing life insurance. They made us feel comfortable and explained every little detail of our policy. Not once through the process did I feel rushed to buy the policy. They outlined various scenarios so that we could compare premiums and payment options. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to them for more life insurance needs.”  Kaleab A. 32 Pittsburgh

“ I just wanted to thank you for your time on Friday.  You have saved me a lot of time and head ache.”
John B. 47 Indianapolis

“They really did a terrific job with our home and car insurance. They are highly personable and always respond on time and with quality information. Most importantly – they follow up and back up what they say they will do. I would highly recommend Wenclewicz Insurance for their insurance expertise, professionalism, follow-thru, and strong work ethic.”  Graham H. 38 Indianapolis

“The answer to all your insurance needs.  On top of providing quotes from a variety of providers, they are punctual and professional.  Easy to get a hold of and always return my calls.  No one could ask for a better agent.” John B. 29 Indianapolis

“As usual, Wenclewicz Insurance worked diligently to service our account and performed admirably in achieving an outstanding outcome for our needs. I highly recommend them for your future insurance requirements.”  Ted and Carol W. 46 Indianapolis

“Wenclewicz Insurance provides excellent customer service. Professional and very personable. They work hard to eliminate concerns, answer questions and takes control of the process. If you're looking for opportunities to always know the better and more affordable option they have the resources and knowledge to provide it.”  Rachel W. 31 Indianapolis

Pricing isn’t everything, but it is important to you?

“We asked them to review our insurance policies and provide us with quotes for similar coverage for our home and cars. Wenclewicz Insurance took the time to understand our needs, and ended up saving us $700 per year. They also identified an area we thought we were insured, but weren't. Bottom line - better coverage, lower rates. They deliver a high-integrity, responsive relationship. If you haven’t shopped your insurance rates lately - call them.” Glenn D. 48 Westfield

“They saved me about $600/year on my car insurance and $400/year on my home insurance!” Paul W. 44 Noblesville

“Wenclewicz Insurance helped my husband and I save quite a bit of money on our renter s and auto insurance. They were always accessible and personable when I had questions. We obtained better coverage for less money! We are so pleased with their work and would recommend them to others.” Casey D. 26 Westfield

“I’d pay more to work with you.” Joe D. 29 Fishers

“I never do this but I have to tell you Wenclewicz Insurance saved me $190/month, not a year each month.  Thanks again, much appreciated.” Tom S. 29 Indianapolis

“Already as a client, Wenclewicz proactively contacted us on our renewal and found us a better rate.  Everyone at the office is helpful and they always provide excellent service.” Lisa L. 34 Indianapolis

Other testimonials we have received:

“Safeco Insurance is extremely fortunate to have Wenclewicz Insurance representing our company’s products. Out of 366 agencies representing us in the State of Indiana, Wenclewicz Insurance ranks in the top 10 for new business production. In addition, Wenclewicz Insurance’s retention rate in maintaining their customers is far above the state average, proving that the service they provide their customers is top in our industry.”  Pam D. 40 Indianapolis

“I have worked with them on my personal insurance needs and referred clients and they have always done a great job and provide the best service.  I would recommend them to anyone!”  Mike W. 30 Indianapolis

“Everything is perfect, appreciate all your help!” Phil V. 32 Indianapolis

“Wenclewicz Insurance represents the future of the insurance industry.  Motivated, talented, and committed to professionalism.  Watching them grow and succeed is a joy.  If you’re looking for insurance professionals who deliver outstanding value, they are it!”  Ed L. 55 Columbus

“Thanks for making all of this so easy.  Keep us the great work!” Jon G. 37 Carmel

“My family and use Wenclewicz for our insurance needs.  We have been very happy with the service that we receive from them.  I recommend my friends all the time.”  Heather M. 28 New Albany

“Everything’s good to go.  Kim and I appreciate everything you do.  Thanks much!” Dick W. 58 Carmel

“Thanks again for the update this is an area I let rest in your hands and always appreciate the notice.” Derek D. 27 Carmel

“Wenclewicz has provided homeowner’s insurance policies (and auto) for several of my clients and has always delivered excellent service!  They are detailed oriented and thorough.” Debra A. 35 Indianapolis

“Thank you again for your help.  You don’t know how much of a blessing you have been!  Thank you!!” Veronica N. 25 Fishers

“They are very personable, yet a professional agency.  They have great work ethic and pay attention to the details, which many times can lead to saving clients some serious money.  Wenclewicz has proved time and time again that adding their personal touch really makes them stand out from the rest of the insurance world” Austin N. 28 Indianapolis

“I really appreciate your help on all things insurance, you are the man.” Andrew T. 30 Indianapolis

“I appreciate you knocking this out so quickly and I’m sorry for the VIN mix-up yesterday. Thanks again!” Neil Q. 30 Indianapolis

“Wenclewicz Insurance increased my homeowner’s coverage and reduced my premium outlay for auto/ home insurance even after I had coverage through another independent agent for years. They were knowledgeable, prompt, and accessible through the entire process.” Michael P. 36 Noblesville

“Thanks you’re the BEST and making my job a whole lot easier…J” Julie A. 36 Carmel

“Not only am I in the best spot financially, but you took the time to explain how insurance plays into my entire financial picture.” John M. 29 Indianapolis

“Wenclewicz Insurance made the process of switching insurance providers seamless. They helped us evaluate our coverage plans and were able to provide us with more expansive coverage at a lower price. They are very responsive and have been great to work with for our home, auto and motorcycle insurance.” Alyssa J. 26 Indianapolis

“Thanks Wenclewicz Insurance! I really appreciate you looking out for us!! You made it quick, easy and painless.” Sue M. 52 Fishers

“Thank you so much.  Out of this whole process, your turn-around time has been by far the fastest.  I am glad to give you my business.” Nick M. 27 Indianapolis

“It’s all about the relationship, letting your people know that you care and keeping them informed/educated and you do that very well.” Josh S. 33 Fountaintown

“I enjoy the personal service that you just can’t get from a larger company.” Jon H. 25 Greenwood

“You know I will always refer you, and your great team!” Will A. 50 Camby

“Thank you again for exceptional customer service!!!” Maria R. 33 Speedway

“Thanks again for your professionalism as our insurance agency.  Look forward to doing more business in the future.” John C. 50 Indianapolis

“They are detail oriented, thorough and knowledgeable. They saved me money on my car and condo insurance. My previous coverage for my condo was not appropriate. Thank goodness Wenclewicz Insurance recognized how under-insured I was with “renters” insurance for my home. Plus, they are just a great, stand up, trustworthy, straight shooting team with which to work!” Marg M. 47 Indianapolis

“Great job…great price…thank you!  I am really impressed that you were able to handle this so quickly.” Kim D. 55 Westfield

“Thanks for making my first year as a homeowner and car insurance policy holder so easy!” Liz B. 27 Indianapolis

“It was my pleasure meeting you in person yesterday and thanks for the information you provided me.” Hosea E. 58 Indianapolis

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