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Welcome to Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group

  We represent 9 companies to make sure you are getting the best value for your insurance dollar now and in the future.

We provide our clients the best value by:

  • Developing a trusting relationship
  • Explaining coverage options 
  • Prompt service 
  • Competitive pricing from 7 companies

Our Committment to You

  1. Respond to all communication in a timely manner
  2. Always be accountable
  3. Represent the most competitive and financially stable insurance companies
  4. Keep you informed and educated through periodic emails/direct mail
  5. available 24/7 for claim reporting and payment options
  6. Invest time and money into continuing education for our entire staff
  7. Be an advocate during the claim process
  8. Make sure you are aware of your coverage and coverage options
  9. Proactive contact before renewal, thru either email/telephone/direct mail
  10. Have the best systems to make your insurance experience enjoyable
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